Thanksgiving Snapshots and Wonderment

Driving north we're passing under gray skies tinged with lavendar, surrounded by distant mountains.  Across a stubble field a hunter returns with a snow goose, its long wings loose.  The family will eat well from the bounty of the land.  Red tailed hawks, red shouldered hawks dot the posts, signs, and trees waiting for their prey, upright in their intensity.  The circle of life.
Walking through a neighborhood the bushes are alive with songbirds.  Western bluebirds, faded in their winter plumage, flit along the fenceline.  "Butter butts" or Audubon warblers and goldfinches harvest the last of the grass seeds below.  And speeding through, to silence them all, a Coopers hawk.
Sated and full of the abundance of good family time and feasting, we're heading back south.  The sunset spreads across the sky unfurling a banner of oranges, pinks, purples and reflecting in the mirror of the flooded rice fields.  Line after line of waterfowl in their "v" formations ebb and flow overhead, searching for their evening rest on the valley floor.  The sliver of a new moon punctuated by a bright planet follow the sun in the western sky.  I am thankful.


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