Wisdom Teeth & Fledglings

My youngest fledgling had his wisdom teeth out this morning. He was such a trooper, getting himself up, following doctor's orders to have only apple juice 2 hours before the appointment, and remembering to bring his retainer. So different from his older brother. Now comes the tending with hauling water, juice, soup, yogurt and smoothies to the invalid and watching for signs of trouble.

It reminds me of the California towhee family who just fledged their young outside the boys' window. Days of intense scurrying and scuffling for enough insects to keep the vociferous hatchlings fed. Nights crouched over them, keeping them warm and protected in the smooth, dusty covering of feathered wings and body. The babies took their first flights out of the nest to the ground a week ago. One hid precariously out in the open on a thin branch of feverfew, freezing motionless when I came near. It made it through the week, predated upon by no dog, cat, or raccoon. I saw it yesterday following a parent around with a winsome flutter of the wings, demanding to be fed.

It was so like our boys. Not quite ready to strike out on their own, sometimes aware of their own need but railing against it, and we the adults needing to just keep doing what we can to encourage and provide for them, love them and hold closely the privilege of watching them grow into the adults they are destined to become.


  1. "Bay Nature" - Congratulations on your new blogging adventure! I enjoyed your first entry. It is amazing to watch parents care for their children. I have the opportunity to annually observe a Great Blue Heron rookery near one of my offices and year after year it continues to marvel me. I hope that you are enjoying your summer. "See" you on FB and in Berkeley.

    Rick L.

  2. Can't wait for more posts! Congrats on entering the blogging world!



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