Down Time Riff

What a day for wallowing: great weather, a good book, and only the dog for company!  I resisted (almost) all impulses and reminders of the many tasks I could accomplish today and focused only on relaxing and enjoying a quiet day in my backyard.  The raspberries are abundant in my little patch and have somehow doubled their size from the early summer harvest.  We're finally having the summer I've been longing for with warm sun.  The bittersweet of it is that evenings are cool, reminding me fall's just around the corner.  I've been feeling lately that life slips along more quickly than I'd like.  Songs end when I'd like them to go on longer.  My sweet little boys are suddenly young men.  Though I try not to linger in melancholy, I find it sneaking up on me more often, a song or memory sliding out of the past.  A little reminder that life is finite.  That got me thinking about this amazing earth.  What are the longest-lived things, longest-existing elements?  Google it for fun and find out about colonial animals, bristlecone pines, yew trees, bowhead whales, and tuatara lizards.  Even those with staying power don't last forever.  Each living thing has a beginning and end.  Even rocks have a cycle of existence.  From magma to mountains to boulders to sand and back again.  Transformation comes for all, it's part of the mystery of what happens at the end.  There must be something infinite.  I hope in things unseen and a love greater than I can imagine.


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