The Hawks of August

The weekends have been starting slow this month. The birdsong outside promising a bright morning, only to open my eyes to yet another dreary start. The birds don't seem to mind. In fact, the Coopers hawk family seems to be thriving. We've had several "incidents" on my back fence involving a sparrow and dove who entered the hawk food chain. One of them while I was watering the flowers nearby. That was quite stunning as I turned to try and identify what large bird flew into the plum tree, only to watch a small bird jet out the other side. The hawk proceeded to chase it down then alight on the fence not 10 feet from me with the still form in its talons. One of our local hawk watchers keeps a nest count in our city and let me know we've had at least five Coopers hawk nests successfully fledge young this year. So, though I love the towhees, hummers, and sparrows, there's nothing quite as thrilling as Coopers hawks in the neighborhood!


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